Just Uploaded Some New Stamps Hope You Like Them. (Please Enjoy)

The name's Jerry

Well about me,well i'm not a top notch ass hole and i'm married and have one child and she is everthing to me and my wife i'll put it this way my family means everthing to me so mess with my family and you will have me do deal with.I like to hunt and fish a little and I love to Work with my hands but i'm not much of a carpenter tho.I can do most anything I put my mind to but I can't fix family they can't be fixed LOL mine anyway and we don't get along so good cause they can't take the truth and they want to be an ass towardsme but thats them.Well thats about it for now.                                                                                                                                                            So if you want to be friends feel
free to send me a request and use any of my stamps you like.


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ilovewebkinz23 пишет:

3152 дня назад
Hi thanks for adding me! If you would like you can join my Country Music group >>> http://blingee.com/group/28522-Country-Music-is-love We do weekly challenges. There is one going on right now that you can enter.

RubyCat2 пишет:

3153 дня назад
Your Welcome

Frau-Luna пишет:

3212 дней назад
against abuse label blingees group
contre les abus étiquette blingees groupe

izabella31 пишет:

3494 дня назад
My dear friends I would like to invite you to my very own
social network, you can share your own beautiful blingee with all of your
new friends. for more information its on my profile, here is the link
and I shall see you there.


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