cats can have a little Blingee, as a treat

Hello! <3 =^.^= my pronouns are they/them, I love kitties and glitter, and  rainbows are awesome!


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CooperTheBuck пишет:

около 10 часов назад
Hi! Wanna roleplay?

theswanprince... пишет:

около 20 часов назад
hello you ok

HikariFayPikachu пишет:

около 23 часов назад
Thanks :3 I have a lot of fun making them^^ Coloring books are awesome. Are a lot of the ones you own adult or kid ones?

I like both cats and dogs around equally. I have a dog, so that makes me quite a bit of a dog lover, too :P He's going to be gone soon, though.....its gonna be tough to cope with that :(

By the way, I logged in to delete more of my old kingdom hearts blingees (that series holds very troubling memories for me and reminds me of my past weakness a lot)

Animefee1976 пишет:

1 день назад
Hello !!The new competition starts today!
New Anime Contest:April 2020

Have fun ! And stay healthy !

HEIcats пишет:

4 дня назад
Herzlich willkommen in meinem Freundeskreis.
Ich freue mich auf ein freundliches Miteinander hier im Blingee-Land.

Herzliche Grüße von Heidi

HikariFayPikachu пишет:

4 дня назад
The cats are a little gender fluid, in a way, too because they're both male cats that have floral names :) Thought you'd like to hear that! ;)

I'm so glad you'll still be around. You make some of the cutest blingees i see around this site nowadays :) Your creations make me feel very happy^^ The explosions of color make me think of my coloring book collection, too :D which also has a lot of adult coloring books in it x) i wonder if you own any of those too?

HikariFayPikachu пишет:

7 дней назад
I like cats too btw :3 My dad has two of them, and i really liked visiting them again a few weeks ago^^ i helped name them too (their called marigold and primrose). I may not get to have a cat of my own, but its nice my dad has them :D

Cats are really cute^^

HikariFayPikachu пишет:

7 дней назад
I add a lot of your blingees to my favorites, the colorfulness of them is so beautiful :3 I really like colors (i have a huge coloring book collection to prove that....hahaha x3; )

I love the lgbt supportiveness too :3 Love is such a beautiful gift^^

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