Hello Blingee Friends...Welcome!

I just want to say I love making Blingee's...and I am age 52...I have always enjoyed artistic things but never was really good at it...but blingee makes it fun and easy for me to express myself.....And I recently started to design my own before I bling them with A program I have...thanks to all my friends who have joined my circle you all really are very talented...!I think it's impossible though to win 1st place...all you who have blingee badges for 1st place are truely GIFTED!


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Mrs.TeresaJean пишет:

1 день назад
Happy New Year My Friend! May The New Year Bring You Nothing But Happiness! God Loves You Always Know! Hugs http://bln.gs/b/29occt

Mrs.TeresaJean пишет:

1642 дня назад
Happy Easter Sorry its late! God Bless! http://bln.gs/b/296tlf

Mrs.TeresaJean пишет:

1692 дня назад
Happy Woman's Day My Friend!!                    http://bln.gs/b/295jxl         

Mrs.TeresaJean пишет:

1756 дней назад
Happy New Year My Friend! http://bln.gs/b/293ner

Mrs.TeresaJean пишет:

1764 дня назад
Merry Christmas My Friend! http://bln.gs/b/2939n8

theswanprince... пишет:

1775 дней назад
hi want to be friends

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