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before u read the rest...
who wants to know what happened to kyoya's eyes? if ur not interested, then skip this section. so kyoya's mom died when he was 5 years. his father then became really abusive to him and his little brother, kakeru. when kyoya was 10, his father cut his eyes as kakeru watched his older brother's eyes bled. a few days after kyoya's 13th birthday, he and his little brother ran away into the woods. his old personality was kind and sweet but now it's aggresive and self-thinking. he still cares for kakeru but the strange thing is, his little brother never appeared in any episodes i know.

that was very random

i'm just gonna say i LOVE anime! i think it's the best of art. here are a few pictures i made. i'll try to make more! 

Here's a question to all of you beyblade fans!
Which girl or guy do you think is cute? 

Comment somewhere on my profile and tell me!

i can be carried away sometimes and put way too much bling in my blingees. oops! but it's me anyway.

it looks like i like kyoya very much. and i do for some of u who don't know. i mean he's soo cute!

my email's foolycooly71900@gmail.com!

i have one question about stamps, how do upload a stamp without the stamp background? i've tried that 10 times but the background is still there! ^_^i
if u don't understand what i mean then here's a link to one of my friend's blingee.

now do u know wat i mean, the stamp pops up without the background covering it. so if u know how to do this, PLEASE help me. thx! ;)

I AM BACK! ^_^i
i have not been on because
i forgot password and remembered
glad to be back though!

i have made some UPDATES! i am not a girly girl anymore but i am a tomoboy! i'm still 13 -.- and i am addicted to bacon xP!

i havent rlly paid attention to my acc. because ive been playing on fantage, going on fantage awesome sauce and watching cute clips of kyoya. ^m^

                    tabby cat!


                    keep on rocking!





                    imma vampire. rawr rawr

here's a link to my anime boyfriend! (no one takes him or i'll get super angry! u don't wanna see me angry...)

here's if ur a guy
i'm single...



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IM BACK AGAIN!! and im glad to be

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2995 дней назад

hunnybunny19 пишет:

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and i have a special blingee from my gaming website called fantage

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3083 дня назад
ihr name ist Motti und die schwester von Johannes. 

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for you: thank 

galilea-galia пишет:

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merry christmas

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