Gidday everyone

I am old enough to know better but young enough to still enjoy bling!  I love creating and designing for fun and a challenge. I love looking at everybody's creativity and think that it is wonderful to have a special place to go and let it all out! I would just like to say a big thankyou to everyone who takes the time to give wonderful comments on my blingees, it really is lovely. I try to make as many comments as I can, just sometimes work and family come first! Keep Blinging!


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jeanpierre69 пишет:

1018 дней назад
... _▓▓▓_ ..
...@@)))'@...... Mon passage 
. @(. ̯͡* .. ̯͡* .)@
@@►¯◄@@ Pour venir te souhaiter
@ /` ▒::▒ '╲@
.. (,,/--☸--),,) Une bonne journée

theswanprince... пишет:

1375 дней назад
hi want to be friends

i_miss_meli пишет:

4323 дня назад

MyBushyTail пишет:

4697 дней назад
Hiya, Stopping by to see you.  I've have not been on here in quite a while.  Finally have some extra time.  Missed seeing all the great blingees...and the fun of making them.  Enjoy your day!

hi5ohio пишет:

4700 дней назад
plz vote..;owner=hi5ohio&content=Glitter-Graphics;owner=hi5ohio&content=Myspace-Glitter-Graphics;owner=hi5ohio&content=Myspace-Glitter-Graphics

cathymelvin пишет:

4735 дней назад
HEY..just wanted to send you something "sweet"..haha!

villemo20 пишет:

4778 дней назад
thank u for ur comment and vote:)
have a lovely day:)

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