hey everybody my name is maylin and i am learning how to make blingees my real page is actually and i am using this website to make blingees for my youtube account btw if you have a youtube account don't be afraid to drop by and say hi to me ok?

hi my name is maylin and i am strangely hyper sometimes. i love to make friends listen to music,sing and make videos, i am a big big fan of disney channel (hannah montana, zach and cody, that so raven, phil of the future,life with derak,), nick, harry Potter,amv,kingdom hearts (duh..)and a bunch of everything,(i am pretty childish lol)
i am half japenese and thai/american. ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ 

p.s i really really need help finding websites where you can make your own avatars and/or i would like to know how to make them programs, website, please tell me^_^


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doli94 пишет:

5007 дней назад
Hey! HOw are you? I looooooooooove your blingees! Wanna be friends?

fergiefan459 пишет:

5053 дня назад
hey!!! im from youtube can u tell me how to put the bliggee bg on to youtube??

ashleytisdale... пишет:

1 день назад
yes i did!
cool right!

ashleytisdale... пишет:

5082 дня назад
☆ HEY!!!! ☆
i know!
i missed you! (and still do!)
send me a message on youtube somethime and a comment!!!!

boobooroxforever пишет:

1 день назад
like backgrounds or stars

Dog_girl07 пишет:

5155 дней назад
Hi Maylin I uploaded my first stamp!

Dog_girl07 пишет:

5155 дней назад
Thanks! I love your blingees also!

boobooroxforever пишет:

5156 дней назад
can you send me some stamps if its not too much trouble

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