seE my siDe ..

locAtiOn:♥rOdigUez, RizaL♥


im dha' im stiL stUdying at Our Lady of FatiMA UniveRsity... 2nd yeaR...takiNg uP bacHeloR of sEcondAry EducatiOn majOr in ... haha! hmp! seKwEt! nO cLue .. 



┤English(bUt im nOt gUd in it'im stiL lEarning)
┤aniMe of cOurse'! (espEcialLy fUshigi yUugi en dEathnOte)
┤ilove SokoLeyts tOo...hahhah! likE "L" we bOth lOve sOmethiNg swEet!!)
┤i likE a pErsOn hU makEs me fEel dat im QUITE speciaL tO him/hEr... im nOt Dat mAteriaListic One' im nOt dAt sUper fEeLing VIP (EhemM) i cAn apPreciatE yOu in a vEry shEer way dAt uvE dOne fOr mEans nOthing 4 u, bUt it makEs mE fEel happy...mUch appReciAted!
┤iLove tO eat'hahah! bUt it dOesnt lOok like'! daTz sa saDdest paRt of my liFe! hhahah! i dUnnO bUT i tHink im One of thE eCtomOrpHs!? ahah! kiDding!
┤im a lOving daUghtER en a sisTah oF my HandsOmneSs bRothERsss!!!
┤im Quite Lazy'i aDmit! sUmtyMs im tiRed Of aLl Things .. evEn in Eating pOrtiOn..hahah!
┤iLovE tO tEkx... esPeciaLly if i haVe lOts of FunNy tEksmatEs!!
┤ilOve mUsic sO mUch!! with oL of my AmygDaLa... oLs kiNds ofs mUsics thats catchEs mys atTentiOnEss...hahah!
┤im a HAPPY pErson'! bUt qUIte mOody... my attitude dEpEnds oN yOu...i dONt havE cOnstaNt atTitUde... im Quite if iM not cOmfOrtabLe wiTh yOu...bUt iF i dO likE yOu... hahah! bEware..iLl rUin yOur daiLy liFe!!!

                      L is alL i waNt
                  hE cOmplEtes my daY!!!
he makEs me fEel hapPy evErytiMe i see hiM with my twO nakEd eyEs...(with matcHing cOntact lEnse ajaja)


I've been trying for days to think of a way

To find the words to make sense of how we behave

This might take a while, so please just hear me out

You know how things can get crazy when we go ablaze

We just get carried away

Believe me, I know

Don't even say a word, now please just hear me out


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Lucy436534352543 пишет:

4787 дней назад
Hi ;D

What's your name ? ;D

Rustyn пишет:

5213 дней назад
thanx for adding me!

animelover41 пишет:

5217 дней назад
what other anime or manga do u like

lamia08 пишет:

5217 дней назад
hey thnx 4 the add!!!


animelover41 пишет:

5217 дней назад
hey love ur l blingees

mhy_09 пишет:

5217 дней назад
♥_how cUd i chAnge my bLingEe!? the maiN pictUre!?

animelover41 пишет:

1 день назад

animelover41 пишет:

5316 дней назад
i love L 2 ur awesome

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