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AkiraMarbela пишет:

735 дней назад
Once again, thanks for everything, I will continue to enter and be attentive in case things change for this fantastic site. Take care and see you. Hugs.

† AkiraMar †

AkiraMarbela пишет:

735 дней назад
I will always be happy and grateful to blingee for having let me meet you and see your fantastic work, and to you for allowing me to be part of your friends, for the time you have dedicated to give me your votes and comments. It is a friendship that I really treasure very much.
To keep in touch, I'll be on the site that several have moved to (PicMix) with the same username (AkiraMarbela), and I'll leave you my instagram in case you want to stay in touch (akisasu_montoya).

AkiraMarbela пишет:

735 дней назад
Hello, I hope you are well.
For various reasons, we have had difficulty using blingee due to flash, and although the unfortunate closure has been announced, I want to be positive despite everything.
I have spent many years in this place, always meeting wonderful people and enjoying their beautiful works. Even in my difficult moments this place has been the one that has helped me to heal and free myself, that is why it is so important to me, I treasure it a lot as surely you too.

lua17 пишет:

3377 дней назад
╔═══════  вσσкѕ ℓσνєяѕ gяσυρ ═══════╗
   Ciao, ami i libri? Adori leggere? Ami il profumo dei libri appena comprati? Ami alla follia un libro o una saga e vuoi condividere il tuo amore con altri? Cerchi solo un gruppo pieno di giochi e di concorsi per divertirti? Allora unisciti a noi, вσσкѕ ℓσνєяѕ, il nostro mondo!
   ➽   http://it.blingee.com/group/67859
   Ci sono concorsi e giochi attivi, vieni a vedere :)

AnimeCute13 пишет:

3515 дней назад
Hello My Friend!^^

i wanted you saying, that i'm AnimeSweet!^^

Love Greetings, Krissy :*

AnimeSweet пишет:

3545 дней назад


I Have a New Anime-Group!

-> http://blingee.com/group/85760 <-

Join my Group!^^ Thx You :*

love greetings, Krissy ~


ps: and this link:

_> http://blingee.com/group/85760/topic/101340 <_


AnimeSweet пишет:

3604 дня назад

thx for you the friendship accepting me :)

do you speak english?^^

lg <3

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