Maybe I'm Not Perfect But I'm One And Only

My name's Raisa I'm 17 years old i live in Chetubar Mexico, I'm a happy person (almost all time) , i like read, go to the movies and listen music... I love music, i obsessed with Fall Out Boy , and i love My Chemical Romance,Panic! at The Disco, Avril Lavigne, Paramore, Flyleaf and others, I think Pete Wentz is the sexiest men in the earth, my favorite color is purple. 
____88 ___888888_888888______88
________ 88888888888888888


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MCR1fan пишет:

5315 дней назад
yay!!!!! im ur first friend!!!! i luv that crown thingy on ur profile!!!! we listen 2 tha exact same music!!!! 

MCR1fan пишет:

5315 дней назад
yea, i especially like tha 1 of urs with Gee!!!! im gunna leave a comment on that =) wanna b in my circle, i'll request u if its okay

MCR1fan пишет:

5322 дня назад
i luv ur mcr blingees!!!!

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