yola ppl, wat it do?
so basically i'm a animal lovin, creative, funny, weird, crazy person. if u cool wit that then we can make like thunder and roll! lol.

   /) c c (\ 
 (/(_ O _)\)
 (``)~(´´)  Put this on your page if you like dogs!!! <3 


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katieisdabomb пишет:

4907 дней назад
Hey, your on my "People Against Animal Abuse" group and I wanted to see if you wanted to stay in it. I'm deleting anyone who hasn't been on in a long time or who doesn't want to be in it. Please reply as soon as you can! Thank you (:

danny1244 пишет:

5007 дней назад
ohhh ok.so what r u doin this weekend?????

danny1244 пишет:

5016 дней назад
thank you.he's my cuzin.so how old r u 

19lili95 пишет:

5108 дней назад
hey thanx 4 lettin me join this group,yo!wat up?

fluffydogs3 пишет:

5126 дней назад
I accidently hit the wrong button...Im rejoining. sorry...

katieisdabomb пишет:

5128 дней назад
I'm just letting everyone in the people against animal cruilty group that there is a small survey that you can take if you want to be a manager. Also, I need some people to ask for their picture to be set as the default. So please check it out!!

130646 пишет:

5132 дня назад
No grave : Beautifull ! Love family !

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