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   Hi Blingee friends! My name is Nicole. I love to create blingees during some of my free time. I do stay busy so I may not always have time to respond quickly or do many blingees. I hope that you understand! 
       It is sad that some blingee people down vote, copy, and start drama. If you are than I will block you or delete you from my friend's list. 
      I hope we can keep Blingee a positive place and enjoyable! Let's lift each other up instead of tear each other apart. Oh, I'm also on Picmix! My username is MynameisNicole00. :)

            God bless each and every one of you!!! 


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gamecube51 пишет:

60 дней назад
 Thank you!

wilfried1947 пишет:

62 дня назад
ﭼﺡﻶﮎﺦ ♥♥♥ ﭼﺡﻶﮎﺦ ♥♥ ﭼﺡﻶﮎﺦ ♥♥♥ ﭼﺡﻶﮎﺦ
Dear Nicole, these are only 2 programs that you have to download. PaleMoon and Flash Player, you can find the address on my profile page or here: https://bln.gs/b/29z8lr
ﭼﺡﻶﮎﺦ ♥♥♥ ﭼﺡﻶﮎﺦ ♥ ♥ ﭼﺡﻶﮎﺦ ♥♥♥ ﭼﺡﻶﮎﺦ


gamecube51 пишет:

158 дней назад
 Thank you for your comment. Love your last blingee!

elanor1 пишет:

168 дней назад

Happy Easter to you and your family and may it be a peaceful Easter for everyone


wilfried1947 пишет:

172 дня назад
04/01/2023: A total of about 50 hurricanes have been counted in seven states (USA), which can be classified as tornadoes according to the media. According to the weather service, the states of Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin, Mississippi and Tennessee were particularly affected. Around half a million households were temporarily without electricity, according to data from the website "poweroutage.us". Yes, I warned against it!

wilfried1947 пишет:

192 дня назад
Dear Nicole, I saw the floods in California on TV today, bad! By the looks of it, America has a lot of natural disasters. My cousin lives in Good Hope where he has a farm and his wife has a restaurant. Since it also looks bad there in winter, they bought a house in Puerto Rico and are now staying there during the winter.

wilfried1947 пишет:

205 дней назад
Dear Nicole, thank you for your message. I survived the second operation well. Now I just have to get fit. California and Arkansas are huge distances. California has always had fires very often, in Arkansas you have to expect tornadoes. I find Las Vegas very interesting. There are the replicas of Venice and Paris and the Statue of Liberty.

wilfried1947 пишет:

211 дней назад
Dear Nicole, yes, within a few days I had a second operation. There were problems with the first operation. But I should still recover. California is in the west of the USA, but it's also in the south, isn't it? I'm glad you like your surroundings better. Do you live in southern California now? I know from my son that the restaurants are extremely expensive. Since you can only Mc. recommend Donalds.

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