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I'm so sad to see Blingee go!! I'm going to miss all the sweet people I've met here thru the years! I hope the powers that be reconsider! This site has given me countless hours of cathartic creating. I've worked thru sadness n grief with Blingee. This is such an amazing site! I spent more time on here than on MySpace or Facebook! Much Love to all my groups! I'm going to miss u all so much!!


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Ghost Stories
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DADALUS4 пишет:

2670 дней назад
much love always ...... Judith

falloutgirl76 пишет:

2738 дней назад
I love ur vintage creations.
Join my group!

streetpirat пишет:

2848 дней назад
Hi sweetness!
I hope you're well and there is everything to your satisfaction!
Me doing it wonderfully and would you, when I'm in America the next time, I would like to visit you!
I think we have a lot of fun!
Many greetings from your Jasmin.

streetpirat пишет:

2909 дней назад
 ( : )   Mєяяу Cняɪѕтмaѕ
(  :  ) my good friend !

SunMoonStars пишет:

2988 дней назад
Thank you for the vote and comment. I have a criminal minds group if you would like to join. Would love to have you. I try to keep it updated of when new episodes start, whose being replaced and so forth. The challenges has not started back yet.

streetpirat пишет:

2992 дня назад
Hi my dear ! I´m proud that´s you my Friend ! Hugs and Kiss 4 U 
Your Friend Jasmin

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