creative mind at work here

Found Blingee not to long ago, and have enjoyed making comments for friends and family. This site definitely helps me get my creative juices flowing. Thank for visiting my profile 


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happy thanksgiving
Rick Grimes Valentine
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cristynuk пишет:

3825 дней назад
There's a new contest in the {Supernatural Fans} group: COME AND JOIN!:)
Happy Holidays everyone!:)

starfish82 пишет:

4215 дней назад
come and join in on the chilly new fun with the boys

starfish82 пишет:

4325 дней назад
Please come and cast your vote for in the Spooky Sam and Dean..even if you didn't enter

Thanks ^^

hillary_aiden пишет:

4338 дней назад

There is another contest posted. Enter your sexy and spooky blingees of Sam and Dean!=) Hurray this contest ends in two weeks and spread the word about it!=)

spam14 пишет:

4358 дней назад
are you single if so will you go out with me.

starfish82 пишет:

4364 дня назад
hey if you add sam and dean in best boy you get more point..people dont know them that well but they like them as best boys..hee hee

starfish82 пишет:

4364 дня назад
come check out our first supernatural contest..let's make the boys smoking hot..hee hee^^


lalin007 пишет:

4386 дней назад
hola komo stas?
speroo bn
oye me enkantoooo thu imagen de peace & love!!!
y qisiera saber sii me la pudieras mandar por correo?
y si tienes mas pues muchooo mejor
gracias es qe la vdd me nkantooo thu imagen...

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