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My name is Gina i'm 29 years old. I've been married for Six years. We have a two beautful daughter's. Their names are Elizabeth and Zoey. The oldest is 4 yrs old. The youngest is 1 yr and 8 months old.


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Chris665 пишет:

4187 дней назад
Gina darling child I put pictures on your site
 but will not gestemt
 why not
 Greetings Chris665

susain11 пишет:

4233 дня назад

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Thanks .. 

Big hugs! ..... Suzie ♥


HotChica541 пишет:

4376 дней назад
Please help promote fun living by joinig this new group:
Thank You!

deasone пишет:

4738 дней назад
she is so cute

poohturtle63387 пишет:

4834 дня назад
oh dats a cute baby boy wats his name my name is ashley want to be friends

jakiriya318 пишет:

4873 дня назад
he o0rshe is socute

DivazBoo пишет:

4954 дня назад
ur blingees r so cute 

vickylovesjamie пишет:

5037 дней назад
i am a friend of diva331974 these morning she send these mensage she want you now that one. Message from Mariaconner :
We are having some difficulty in mass, we had a ice storm and we don't have any electricity. I will not be others.

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