What is real, what is illusion?

 I like just about everything and everyone for the most part. I am also quite excepting of others and thier views


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kirathemusefr... пишет:

5183 дня назад
Here's a fireworks fairy for ya!:


Kira the kitten :-)

kirathemusefr... пишет:

5310 дней назад
Copy and paste this address below into your browser and you'll find alot of pretty stamp material!


kirathemusefr... пишет:

5339 дней назад
I just made a ballerina doll, wanna see? :-)

kirathemusefr... пишет:

5342 дня назад
I have alot of cool stamps you can use. Just save it to your goodie bag or favorites. :-)

Deziraelynn пишет:

5360 дней назад
part 2   photobucket and other sites. i really have to scround sometimes. but let ur imagination go and i'm sure u can come up with amazing blingees. thanks 4 the compliments though. take care and god bless. ask around where people get backgrounds

Deziraelynn пишет:

5360 дней назад
no hon thats the way it is, just vote on when they come up.on my site most of mine hardly pop up 4 me to vote on them. i guess thats the way it is so it keeps it fair, & as for where i get my pic it comes from the stamps on the site & u can search 

TheCheeseFairy пишет:

5363 дня назад
Only if you vote for some of mine!!!!

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