~About Me~

I like to read, sing, dance and draw. I like to play basketball,badminton, dodgeball and I especially LOVE to play soccer with my frends! I like to read fiction books and Anime! 

                ~Favourite Books~

The Devil The Banshee And Me, The Candy Apple Series, Kamichama Karin, Pixie Pop, Kamichama Karin Chu, Galaxy Angel, Galaxy Angel PARTY, B.B Explosion, Happy Happy Clover, Guardian Hearts and LOTS MORE!

                ~Favourite Songs~

Lies, Haru Haru, Gee, Crush, A Little Not Too Over You, I Wanna Know You, Lollipop, La La Land, Tell Me Something I don't Know, One and the Same, Poison, Where is the Love and LOTS MORE!

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Demz & Selz In Spring!
Demz & Selz In Spring!
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1 день назад
FRIENDSHIPWEEK~♥♥~ Send this to at least 15 people you love including me if you care 4 me! *Let's see how many hearts you get!Please continue sending your own love to those you care for. FAKEFRIENDS: Will ignore it ♥♥ But know I love you <3

Darlingg пишет:

4106 дней назад

Darlingg пишет:

4109 дней назад
hi, would you like to join ♥♥♥Anime ♦ Lovers♥♥♥? =^-^=

xoxSassytxox пишет:

4200 дней назад
hey linds! its karen

jessixox602 пишет:

4210 дней назад
oh, u also get a badge for it.

jessixox602 пишет:

4210 дней назад
blingee+ is really useful. u could make ur stamps more transparent and u could give ur stamps a motion. when u install it u will understand. it doesn't make ur computer slow or give a virus. at least that's wat i think.

ris514 пишет:

4268 дней назад
add me plz thankz 4 the add gurl and wats up

TheOfficialSe... пишет:

4274 дня назад
oh no

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