he took me from my children

he took me from my children
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THIS CASE WILL BE TRIED IN COURT. POLICE ARE OFFICIALLY CHARGING DR MURRAY WITH MANSLAUGHTER AND WHEN IN COURT WE WILL SEE IF THERE IS ENOUGH EVIDENCE (and maybe Motive) FOR MURRAY TO MURDER MICHAEL. I just want whomever cares enough about Michael to read this to know what Ive researched. I dont read tabloids so be sure information either from the sources or from news that is trusted.get the word out because most people still think it was an accident -the truth is it was no accident-Professional doctors who did the 2 autopsies are sure of it and Michaels cause of death on his certificate has even been changed to HOMICIDE. Medical Evidence shows that all this shows signs of a lot of thinking behind the medicine. The coroner has ruled after TWO autopsies that this was HOMICIDE./murder. Dr Murray is wanted for Manslaughter and the Jackson family wants to try him for murder. WE LoVe You Michael!! NO ONE deserves to die this way!!**J U S T I C E for Michael**
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