Teresa Walker (Of Norton's Hospital In Louisville, Ky)

Teresa Walker (Of Norton's Hospital In Louisville, Ky)
This is the manager of Norton's Hospital who's dead mother (aaahhhh hhaaaaa) is...no was my grandmother's best friend when she was a teen and they were friend's for year's. In fact my grandmother told Teresa and her sister that she would be there for them on Mother's Day or any other hoiliday like Christmas where there mother would be there for them. This woman has left notes with a blue butter fly and black tips in the employee restroom saying "smile life isn't so bad" after I blogged about my nightmare's and living at proverty level. This bitch is sick and my mom recalls stories of her being 3 and 4 years old and being the lead dancer in their little groups. My mom recalls making fun of her along with the big sisters for being cross eyed (she had surgery to correct them)...this woman is sick and she baby sat me as a child. I also have picture's of her mother holding my mom and of her sister's holding my twin and I as babies.
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