Pre K South Park Girls!~

Pre K South Park Girls!~
Omg this recolor is so cute!! <3 I'll give you alittle info on the kids: As you see Vivi has her hair in two pigtails with two rose hair holder thingies x3 She was born to have glasses, & they were big a long time ago. She lived in New York not South Park yet. She was teased for wearing those glasses & she never knew how to stood up for herself. That's until she hanged out w/ people who do stood up for themselves (most of them were boys) & so Vivi learned how to do that, & now nobody messes with her! Oh & she has her first tooth >w<. I saw a picture of me as a Pre K & I was wearing a red dress w/ I think a bow on my head. It is so cute, I decided to put it on me in this recolor x3 I wasn't living in SP yet either. Fran is rich even when she was a little kid, also stold her mom's makeup & wore it. xD. Heres a RP of them~ ------------ Vivi: *Smiles alittle* I'm this many!! *puts fingers up showing her age but is one finger off, she was always bad at math xD* Me: Um..Vivi..You are one number off ^^' Vivi: No why would I lie about my age?! o.o' Wendy: *Giggles* Look at your fingers silly! Vivi: *Blush* Oh..I am one number off ><' Bebe: *giggles* That was dumb of you :3 Vivi: Hey! >:\ Fran: She is always dumb! when she grows up she'll still be a dummy! Vivi: Shut up clown >.> Fran: You're just jealous im so cute ^.^ Wendy: Don't be mean to my bestie!! >:O Fran: Hmph >.>' I do what I want! Me: Oh dear ><' Stan: Hi Wendy ^.^ *barf noises* Wendy: St-- *gets puked on by Stanley* EWWW!!!! *Runs away* Bebe: Puked cooties on Wendy! Vivi: Yuck! Kyle: Stan, Wanna play Firemen? Stan: Sure, I'm sowwie Wendy!! Cartman: Girls are gross! <.< don't say srry! Kenny: I like cooties from girls *chuckles* Cartman: You fag! Kyle: Don't call Kenny a fag you fatawss!! Me: Please lets not fight >.< Vivi: Gwo Kyle!! Cartman: Wanna go Jew? *puts fists up* Kyle: ..*punches Cartman's arm* Cartman: .....WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! MAUUUM! Kyle: :| Stan: Awesome job ^^ Me: *Kisses Kyle's cheek* Yay ^^ Kyle: *blush* COOOOOTIES! Vivi: *Laughs* Fran: Stan can I have your cooties? :3 Stan: *Blush* nooo! I don't want a baby from you >< Wendy: *back from nurse's office* Eww! you guys keep your cooties away from us girls! Dawn: *giggles* Kyle: Vivi doesn't have Cooties, shes different. C'mon Vivi play firemen w/ us. You have your hose right? Vivi: No... Cartman: You mean you don't have a weewee? ewww! Stan: That's weird! everyone has one! Me: This is a gross topic >o<' Wendy: Oh boys are dumb -_- Bebe: True that! >u< I wanna date one & he will buy me tons of shoezz x3 Me: *Sees block tower a kid made about to fall on Kenny* Eep! *Pushes Kenny & blocks fall on me* Owwie.. Kenny: *Helps me out* You okay? Me: I guess..Are you? Kenny: *nods head* You saved my lifee! *hugs me* Let's ditch them & play Cars! I'm being the po-po! (police) Me: *Giggles* Okie! I'll be the drunkie speeding >W< Kyle: You be the fire truck Vivi *gives Vivi a fire truck toy* Vivi: *Makes car noises* I hear a fire over there! Kyle: Let's go gang! Stan: *Makes a fire in the room using lighter he found* Cartman: Let's take the fire out by peeing on it! Boys: *pee on fire & it goes out* Vivi: O3O...
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